Welcome to Our Company

In true thaitraditional hospitality,it is a big"welcome!" warmly extended with an ever readiness to be of service to the fullest. For you deserve nothing less as our guest .each request attended to readily and every detail, no matter how small, looked into.

And in typical Thai fashion, always with a smile.

Only your complete satisfaction is a good enough reflection of a job well done. We care because in us you have entrusted the fulfilment of your well-deserved vacation or that much-needed get-away in our beloved phuket. Nothing is too much that we can do for you.

Sunshine tours phuket Co.,Ltd started with a vision-phuket as the idyllic vacation paradise. In 1983, the humble foundation of what is now phuket's Leading

Flights to phuket were non-existent then. So, in large numbers, the company ferried holiday-makers by coach from haadyai to phuket.

Today, sunshine tours phuket Co.,Ltd has boosted its staff strength to nearly 50 and boasts an efficient fleet of 40 and 25-seater coaches, combis and private limousines with attendant tour guides and drivers.

Serving and average of 40,000 satisfied tourists each year, the company now ranks as Asia' s leader in handling incentive groups from singapore and Hong Kong.

our hard-earned success is due in no small way to the close rapport we share with more than 30 five-star hotels with whom we sometimes make extraordinarys arrangements to meet our guests' needs.

Strong are also our links with travel agents in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Korea, Japan and Spain. With services extending from inbound to ticketing, our credentials are sound with membership of the International Air Transport Association ( IATA ).

Besides acting agent for Thai International, Silk Air and Malaysia Airlines, we are authorised to sell air tickets of 29 airlines under the BSP ( Bank settlement Planning ) Commom ticketing system for greater effciency, we have introduced computer technology through the Amadeus network which is linked directly with airlines for booking, confirmation and checking on seat availability.

Explanned is planned with biggger premises and more manpower to meet the growing influx of tourists. But we will never grow so big to for which we are recognised by travel agents in this region and beyond.